About our nursery

A common concern when considering a nursery for your child is how they will settle. Whilst it’s true that each child is different, we know that when working in partnership with parents and carers, the familiarisation process can be smooth and straightforward. That’s why we offer introductory sessions where you and your child come and spend time with us and start getting to know the Klas family.

Enrol your child

It’s important that you feel connected and in touch with what your son or daughter will be doing with us. That’s why we have regular newsletters and parents’ evening where you can learn more about our team, activities and ethos. And of course we’re always here to answer individual questions on your child’s progress and development. You’ll also get an activities diary that includes photos of your child at Klas. We know that children love to go through this with parents and carers.

What’s more, our open door policy means you’re welcome at any time. It’s not unusual for us to have visiting grandparents popping in for tea!

Your child’s first day with us

We ask you to bring nappies, wipes and creams in a named bag and a spare change of (named) clothes. We provide extra beakers and cups, plates and cutlery, spare clothes, cots/sleep mats, bedding and bibs.

A typical day at Klas

We find that young children respond well to simple routines, where they can start to play an active role in their learning. From doing their own buttons to helping to tidy up, our days revolve around stimulating activities that have your child’s social, emotional and physical wellbeing in mind.


Children are welcomed by their key carer and, depending on their age, are helped to hang up their coat and rucksack.

Morning activities include sand and water play, painting, music and singing and story time.


Our kitchen staff prepare a fresh meal each day which we all eat together. This is fantastic for children’s social skills and we help them learn to become independent eaters when appropriate.


Our fantastic outdoor area includes four gardens and a woodland area on site, created by our Forest School Leader. Being outside is hugely popular and all children get fresh air and exercise every day.

The afternoon often starts with some sort of outdoor activity, from nature trails and ball games to using our wonderful play equipment. We know that children who have access to the outdoors are healthier and happier.

Extra activities

Cha Cha Chimps visit each Monday morning and deliver a fun interactive music session for our babies and toddlers.

Rugby Tots gets our pre-school and toddler children running around each Thursday.

Throughout the year we arrange outings to parks, theatres and the zoo.

Our annual sports day is always popular, come rain or shine. Parents are warmly invited.

Enrol your child

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

8am to 6pm


01327 358 876



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